Saturday, 28 May 2016

LNER A3 Class No. 60103 Flying Scotsman - 29 May 2016

A dreary morning in west London sees another trip for Flying Scotsman, again heading for Salisbury and seen here at Iver.  60103 is just cruising here due to concern about the locomotive fitting some of platforms on this route.  No problem here though although a member of the crew is checking the road ahead.  Note also the poles to carry the catenary for electrification of the line in the future:

Monday, 23 May 2016

LNER A3 Class No. 60103 Flying Scotsman - 21 May 2016

An truly dreadful evening in Basingstoke with driving rain and strong winds.  Despite the conditions a large crowd has gathered to see recently overhauled Flying Scotsman.  Running around 15 minutes late, 60103 is seen here getting away from Basingstoke following a water stop.  However, we learned later that the locomotives injectors had failed and for much of the remaining trip the Class 47 Diesel at the rear was required.  60103 was returning to London Paddington following a trip to Salisbury.

Some sound too on Soundcloud here.  

By way of a contrast, here is the same locomotive in January 2004 at Fleet Station, the last time we saw Flying Scotsman before its lengthy and complicated (and expensive) overhaul: